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Urban Sketchers Pune (USK Pune) is the proud recipient of the Global Urban Sketchers Regional Events Grant Program. This has been awarded with an objective to promote urban-sketching through our Pioneer Urban sketchers chapter in India.

Started in 2015, USK Pune now boasts of a following of more than 11000 members on Facebook and has recently completed 300 weeks of Sunday Sketching sessions. Our chapter has also organised 5 annual exhibitions of urban-sketching artworks created by its group members. Throughout the year various activities such as sketching demos, talks and trips to locations around Pune have been well appreciated. USK Pune also publishes a quarterly magazine – “Sketchologue” featuring articles relating to experiences of urban sketchers, interviews of international urban sketching artists, travelogues and more. 

The magazine, published in a digital format has been in circulation for more than three years now and is freely available for reading and download to the entire urban-sketch loving global community over social media. Lastly, USK Pune has taken the initiative to promote urban-sketching throughout India by motivating the formation of new chapters in different cities and also inviting such chapters to participate in events organised by the group.

In that vein we propose to organise a “SketchFest06” event with a focus on more participation of other regional chapters and an increased outreach to the smaller towns around Pune city


More than 11000 members on Facebook


More Than 300 Weeks Of Sunday Sketching Sessions


Organised More Than 5 Annual Exhibitions

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